Meet the team

Tua Piehl

"Tackling Dementia is a global challenge, that requires collaboration of extraordinary minds. It is a privilege to be supporting the innovative and groundbreaking research in the UK DRI, which is at the heart of this network." Tua Piehl
UK DRI Central Team Administrator

Roles & Responsibilities: Office administration, support to central team and conferences and events; Neuroimmune Consortium administrative support and conferences and events

Tua joined UK DRI in 2022, after she graduated from King’s College London with a BSc in Psychology (Hons). At King’s College London, she was part of the Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology and Neuroscience (IoPPN), and worked as the President of the Psychology Society, and an academic representative for BSc Psychology. She worked closely with the student experience team at IoPPN, working on projects such as making the Denmark Hill Campus more student-minded, and the Personal Tutor Scheme. Before and during her studies, she has accumulated 10 years of experience in retail, with 2 years in team management.

Tua looks forward to having a future career in neuroscience research, and her interests lie in innovative neuroimaging techniques, open science and mental health. She wants to work in developing new financially sustainable and scientifically proven methods of diagnosis and treatment. Tua is currently looking into computational and clinical neuroscience, and looks forward to continuing her studies to a PhD.

In her free time, Tua enjoys all things musical: she plays three different instruments, sings and would do anything for a good gig. She loves reading and disc golf, and you can find her trying out new hobbies every other week.