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Funding and guidelines for UK DRI researchers

The UK DRI is in the enviable position of being able to provide our scientists with the funding and resources they need to carry out excellent research. Below you will find information on the many programmes that are delivering funds and resources.

Please note that these awards are open to various UK DRI groups – please check eligibility carefully before applying. If you have any questions about our awards and initiatives, please contact our Science Review Manager Dr Aoife Kiely.

Non-competitive awards

Directors’ Strategic Initiatives

Each UK DRI Centre Director is invited to propose a large-scale project or strategic relevance to the UK DRI nationally. These projects are not the continuation or expansion of ongoing research but instead capture new ground, embrace a collaborative ethos and bring to the national effort a new capacity of direction. Each project has a translational element which will enhance the translational agenda of the UK DRI. Read about existing Initiatives - Gene Therapy Facility (UK DRI at King's) and Multi-‘omics Atlas Project (MAP) (UK DRI at Imperial).

Guidance for Centre Directors on how to apply for a Directors’ Strategic Initiative.

Research Tools or Technology Platforms

UK DRI Group Leaders and Associate Members are invited to propose Research Tools or Technology Platforms that will enrich and advance the work of our researchers. Research Tools might include new model systems, specific high value reagents, vectors, or specialised bespoke equipment. Technology Platforms might include specialist expertise, technical facilities or new pipeline processes or techniques. In all cases we are interested in delivering to the UK DRI (and beyond) important new resources and opportunities that are currently rate limiting or unavailable, and of likely high value to UK DRI researchers across multiple centres. 

Further details and guidance on how to apply.

Cross-centre Themes

Collaboration is a founding principle of the UK DRI. We add value by bringing together disciplines, perspectives and approaches to accelerate discovery. The aim of cross-centre Themes is to promote interdisciplinary collaboration across the UK DRI by supporting dynamic and creative groups of researchers addressing major scientific questions in neurodegeneration. UK DRI Group Leaders and Associate Members can apply to become Theme Leads. 

Further information on cross-centre themes.

Competitive awards

Pilot Studies Programme

The ‘Pilot Studies Programme’ is designed to encourage UK DRI junior early career researchers to consider new avenues of research aimed at understanding or treating neurodegenerative diseases. Awards of up to £44,000 (direct costs) will be provided for up to one year. Request for proposals will be repeated every four months.

Round 1 2019 – Call closed 22 April 2019 – details of recipients.

Round 2 2020 – Call closed 31 January 2020 – details of recipients coming April 2020.

Cross-Centre Postdoctoral Programme

The ‘Cross Centre Postdoctoral Programme’ is designed to simultaneously fund exciting emerging science and to foster intra-UK DRI collaboration. Funds should be used to support a newly hired postdoctoral investigator who will be genuinely co-supervised by two PIs from different UK DRI centres/universities.

Round 1 2019 – Call closed 25 October 2019 – details of recipients.

Round 2 2020 – Deadline for applications 31 March 2020 – View the request for proposals (RFP) and download the cover page.

Eisai / UK DRI Postdoctoral Programme

UK DRI and Eisai, one of the world's leading research-based pharmaceutical companies, have joined forces to launch a post-doctoral research programme on dementia. This programme is an active collaboration between the UK DRI and Eisai, who play an ongoing, active role in the projects and seek to work with the PIs in adding value wherever possible. UK DRI Group Leaders and Associate Members are eligible to apply for this programme.

Round 1 – Call closed 20 May 2019 

Round 2 – Deadline for applications 29 May 2020. Download for Criteria, application guidelines and application cover page.

Mouse Models for Dementia Research

UK DRI Group Leaders of Associate Members are invited to apply to the ‘UK DRI-Animal Models Programme’ for the generation of new genome edited mouse models to address novel research questions. In collaboration with the Mary Lyons Centre, MRC Harwell new point mutation(s), knockouts, targeted insertional transgenic models (e.g. lines expressing recombinases, fluorescent tags) will be generated by CRISPR-Cas9 gene-editing or targeted insertional transgenesis.

Round 1 – Call closed 21 February 2020 – details of recipients to be internally communicated April 2020.

Round 2 – Autumn 2020 (date TBC).

Updated: 16 March 2020

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