Building an early warning system for dementia

A public webinar from the UK DRI

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The UK DRI is delighted to welcome you to our free live one-hour public webinar: Building an early warning system for dementia. 

We know that in diseases like Alzheimer’s, changes to the brain begin decades before symptoms appear. If we intervene with treatments early, we stand a better chance of slowing or stopping the disease process and crucially saving neurons before they are lost. But how do we detect the earliest stages of these conditions?

In this special UK DRI “meet the researchers” public webinar, organised with our charity founders Alzheimer’s Society and Alzheimer’s Research UK, we’ll explore what an early warning system for dementia could look like. We’ll hear from researchers working to develop a simple blood test for Alzheimer’s, find out how technology in our home can help detect changes in our behaviour and learn more about how better understanding of our genetics could identify those most at risk.

The webinar will feature short talks from Prof Julie Williams (Centre Director, UK DRI at Cardiff), Dr Antoinette O’Connor (UK DRI at UCL) and Prof Payam Barnaghi (UK DRI Care Research & Technology). The talks will be followed by a live 20-minute Q&A where questions from the audience, submitted during the event, will be answered by the researchers. The webinar will be chaired by Dr Marc Aurel Busche (UK DRI at UCL).

(Please note: the webinar will be recorded, but, as the audience, you will not be seen or heard, so you will not feature in the recording.)

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