Policy and advocacy

Engaging policymakers to boost scientific progress and drive positive change

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The UK DRI is committed to creating the best possible environment for dementia research to thrive. We engage with policymakers on a range of issues and critical areas, to boost scientific progress and drive positive change for the millions of people affected by neurodegeneration.

Position statements

UK association to Horizon Europe

We are unequivocal that the UK’s full association to Horizon Europe is our best hope for scientific breakthroughs in dementia. We support immediate association to Horizon Europe.
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The need to fund dementia discovery research

Discovery science is the engine that drives all subsequent stages of research. We cannot develop new drugs and diagnostics to help patients until we understand the biological processes that underpin neurodegenerative diseases.
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Tackling health disparities in dementia through research

Research has a critical role to play in understanding – and ultimately tackling – health disparities in dementia. As we race to develop new treatments for these devastating diseases, we need to be sure that those treatments will help those who need them most.
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Animal research

Animals are used in biomedical research to gain a better understanding of biological processes where these cannot be modelled by non-animal approaches, and this knowledge paves the way for medical advances.
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If you would like to know more information, or have any questions, about our position statements, please contact Public Affairs Manager, Olivia Marshall.