Virtual DPUK Datathon

Collaborate in multidisciplinary teams online at the first virtual DPUK datathon.

Virtual Datathon Web

Redesigned as a response to covid-19, this DPUK datathon is an entirely online format, giving researchers the opportunity to kick-start dementia research ideas in a supportive and collaborative space.

Places are selective and strictly limited.

When: 2-12 June 2020

Apply before 9am on 15 May

At the virtual DPUK datathon, you will work online in multidisciplinary teams in the DPUK Data Portal. You will experiment with different methodologies to predict dementia risk and likelihood of conversion from mild cognitive impairment to dementia. Research questions will centre around longitudinal modelling of disease and cognitive change. DPUK datathons are a partnership initiative between Alzheimer’s Research UK, the DEMON Network and Dementias Platform UK.

Applications close on 15 May, 9amFind out more and apply for the virtual DPUK datathon.

About Dementias Platform UK

Dementias Platform UK is a public-private partnership funded by the Medical Research Council. DPUK’s partners – ten universities and six pharmaceutical companies – have joined forces with the aim of accelerating research towards effective treatment for dementia by improving access to data.

By bringing together records from over 40 different cohort studies – including brain scans, genetics and clinical records – DPUK is creating the world’s richest source of people data for use in research and drug development for dementia. This free-to-access resource of cohort data is available for use by any bona fide researcher who is interested in investigating dementia, whether based within a university or industry context.

DPUK facilitates safe and secure access to this data through its Data Portal and datathon series, enabling research and analyses at a scale that has not previously been possible for studies into dementia.

DPUK wishes to promote scientific research using cohort study data. It has an active programme of experimental medicine and funds research using cohort data.