Government Spending Review: support for innovation, but missing the promised Dementia Moonshot

Spending Review 2

The Government’s Spending Review concluded today [27 Oct], when the Chancellor announced his spending plans until 2024-25 in the House of Commons. 

Before the 2019 General Election, the Conservative Party promised in its manifesto to double dementia research funding if elected with a “Dementia Moonshot” - but disappointingly, the opportunity today to fulfil that commitment was missed.

The Chancellor did however use his speech to champion innovation in the UK, and announced a series of measures to boost R&D, including more funding for core science and initiatives to attract research talent from overseas. 

Prof Bart de Strooper, Director of the UK Dementia Research Institute, said: “The absence of the Dementia Moonshot today was a major blow to UK neuroscientists racing to find cures for these devastating diseases - not to mention the 885,000 people living with dementia in the UK, their families, friends and carers.
“However, the Chancellor was right when he said that the UK is a global leader in innovation. His commitments to increasing R&D spending and bringing in global scientific talent have the potential to galvanise the sector.
“Innovation is the key to unlocking the greatest challenges the world faces, and this is never more true than in dementia. To fulfil the Chancellor’s aims of boosting our health service, protecting the economy, and securing the UK as a science superpower, dementia research will be a rare panacea. The Government should grasp it with both hands.”

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