Meet the team

Amonida Zadissa

"I am passionate about who science is for and how it can provide people with access to better education, better health, and an ultimately better understanding of themselves. As a data scientist, I am excited to be part of the UK DRI research community and contribute to tackling the biggest health challenged of the century." Amonida Zadissa
UK DRI Associate Director of Informatics

Roles and responsibilities: contributing to development, implementation and management of strategy and policy for the UK data science programme; deputising for and assisting the Director of Informatics in identifying infrastructure and expertise needed to enable open reproducible; working closely with the UK DRI Director and COO, Centre Directors, Director of Scientific Affairs and Director of Informatics to define, develop and operationalise key research and policy areas in data science; advising on strategic data science partnerships

Amonida joined UK DRI in November 2022 as the Associate Director of Informatics after 2.5 years as the senior strategy officer at the European Bioinformatics Institute of European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL-EBI). In this role, she conducted scientific project management within the EMBL-EBI and organised institutional responses to requests from governments and funding agencies for information and analysis. Amonida was involved in the coordination of the EMBL-EBI COVID-19 efforts and was the point of contact for the international collaborators’ requests for information regarding the scientific aspects of the efforts.

Amonida holds an MSc degree in Molecular Biotechnology from Uppsala University and has a PhD in bioinformatics from Otago University. She has worked within the human data space for over 15 years, including eleven years in the Ensembl project as a bioinformatician, annotation manager and coordinator.

Amonida enjoys the outdoors, and hikes and cycles whenever she can. She also likes baking cookies and spending time with family and friends.