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Natalie Connor-Robson

"Better understanding of the earliest pathogenic cellular events in Alzheimer’s Disease is crucial to developing much-needed early interventions. I look forward to contributing to these advancements which ultimately will help treat and prevent the disease in the future. " Natalie Connor-Robson
UK DRI Emerging Leader

Having completed her PhD on the role of the synuclein family in health and disease with Prof Vladimir Buchman (Cardiff University), Dr Connor-Robson joined the Oxford Parkinson’s Disease Centre in 2014 as a Career Development Fellow in the group of Prof Richard Wade-Martins. During this time, she worked on understanding the earliest cellular pathogenic events to occur in Parkinson’s Disease using both rodent and iPSC models. Her work highlighted the extensive roles of LRRK2 mutations in the endocytic and autophagic pathways as well as the role of GBA in Parkinson’s. In 2021, Dr Connor-Robson was awarded an Alzheimer’s Research UK Research Fellowship and joined the UK DRI at Cardiff as an Emerging Leader, sponsored by Centre Director Prof Julie Williams. Her research programme focuses on understanding the role of endocytic risk genes and polygenic risk in the development of Alzheimer’s disease.

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