Official launch: UK DRI at the University of Edinburgh

Uk Dri Launch 213

In the first of our six openings this year, our Edinburgh centre set the bar exceptionally high!

On 11 and 12 April, 150 researchers squeezed into the Royal Society of Edinburgh for a jam-packed programme of talks, posters and sharing of ideas.

Our work in Edinburgh is bringing new expertise and thinking to the field of dementia. We heard updates on research across microglia, vascular, synapses, myeloid cells and resilience in the brain. And it wasn’t only what we know but how we’re going about it: we saw new techniques and learnt about super resolution methods being developed at the university for the UK DRI.

Invited keynote speakers inspired us with talks on the blood-brain barrier, the glymphatic system and synapse pruning by microglia.

Day two welcomed presentations from six junior academics – all the way from genome editing to stroke-associated immune dysfunction. At UK DRI we champion career development and support and encourage early career researchers. 

The spirit of collaboration in Scotland was captured as partners from other initiatives and universities – including Aberdeen, Dundee, St Andrews and Glasgow – updated us on their work across a wide range of dementias. And see new pump-priming from SULSA announced to celebrate the opening.

Take a talk-by-talk look at the symposium through our Twitter story

Congratulations to the Edinburgh team on a very interesting and inspirational launch!







Credit: Maverick Photo Agency