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Stimulating the pipeline to treatments

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We accelerate, innovate, deepen and broaden discovery science in dementia, with the goal of filling the huge knowledge gap in this field. We exist to bring forward the day when research benefits people living with and those at risk of dementia. We are a conduit and catalyst for UK-wide and international efforts that are unfolding in this area of tremendous unmet medical need.

We strive to unravel the molecular and cellular mechanisms of the diseases that give rise to dementia because this is essential to our aim of stopping dementia years before symptoms appear. This mechanistic research is readily translatable into treatments. That’s why we place importance on early development of biomarkers, tool compounds to explore novel therapeutic concepts, and collaboration with Dementias Platform UK and others for access to clinical data sets.

While much of our research is focused on preventions and treatments, we must also improve the quality of life of people with dementia and their carers today. Our Care Research & Technology Centre uses advanced technology to support people living in their own homes for longer. We are using monitoring tools and data created in the Centre not only to improve care but also to feed directly into the cutting edge, mechanistic research of the Institute.

Success for the UK DRI is identifying targets for treatments that transform lives, whilst building the strongest scientific ecosystem for dementia research in the world here in the UK.

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Header image: Coronal section of the mouse cortex and hippocampus. Using virus injection, neurons were labelled with fluorescent protein and a marker for recently active neurons. (Barnes lab, UK DRI at Imperial, credit to Nawal Zabouri and Carola Radulescu)