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Gregory Scott

"To be part of the UK DRI is an exciting opportunity and I hope to make good use of the collaborations and opportunities it affords." Gregory Scott
UK DRI Group Leader

Dr Gregory Scott is a post-CCT IPPRF Research Fellow and Academic Neurologist at Imperial College London (Department of Brain Sciences) and a Group Leader at the UK DRI Centre for Care Research & Technology. Dr Scott is rare as an academic neurologist in having a highly computational background: before medicine, he studied computer science, and his research interests are at the intersection of engineering, neuroscience, information theory, and neurology. Dr Scott aims to be a leading clinician scientist and expert in abnormal states of consciousness, conducting innovative research that addresses clinically important questions about how brain dynamics linked to abnormal conscious states arise, and how they can be measured and manipulated. He is particularly interested in ‘transdiagnostic’ approaches that can lead to general-purpose measurement devices.

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