Meet the team

Helen Brooks

"Understanding the causes of neurodegeneration will require diverse expertise. It is exciting to be a part of forging the crucial collaborations that will be needed for new scientific discoveries to treat dementia." Helen Brooks
UK DRI Research Themes Project Manager

*Currently on maternity leave, please contact Ruby Wallis ( in the interim*

Roles & Responsibilities: Coordinate communication and knowledge sharing between researchers across all the UK DRI centres; managing theme budgets and membership; organising meetings, workshops and events which promote a strong working relationship, both between UK DRI researchers and the wider community.

Helen joined UK DRI in September 2022 as Research Themes Project Manager for the Neuroinflammation, DNA Repair, and Macroglia themes. Before this role, she worked in several senior editorial roles at the Lancet journals and Cell Press.

Helen undertook a BSc in Biochemistry and an MSc in Stem Cell Technology both at the University of Nottingham, followed by a PhD in Neuroscience at King’s College London. During her PhD she studied the feasibility of a stem cell treatment for Batten disease, a childhood neurodegenerative disease.

Helen enjoys walks and being outside in general. She also enjoys collecting cookbooks and cooking.