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Veronique Miron

"Changes in myelin occur early with ageing and contribute to dementia. Understanding what causes these changes will help us develop new therapeutic interventions to ensure healthy cognitive function in ageing individuals. " Veronique Miron
UK DRI Group Leader

With expertise in the role of microglia in myelin health, Dr Veronique Miron aims to understand how microglia dysregulation contributes to the changes in myelin which lead to cognitive dysfunction in normal ageing and neurodegenerative disease. Having obtained her PhD at McGill University in Canada, she took up a Multiple Sclerosis Society postdoctoral fellowship at the MRC Centre for Regenerative Medicine in the UK to link myelin regeneration following CNS injury with microglia function. Through an MRC Career Development Award, Dr Miron then set up her independent team at The University of Edinburgh, further elucidating the critical roles of microglia in myelin health across the lifespan in health and disease. As a current MRC Senior Non-Clinical Fellow and Group Leader at UK DRI in Edinburgh, Dr Miron is building on this research to reveal fundamental mechanisms whereby microglia contribute to the loss of myelin integrity and cognitive decline in ageing.

1. Team Members

Ayisha Mahmood (Postdoctoral Researcher)
Alana Hoffmann (Postdoctoral Researcher)
Christina Brown (Postdoctoral Researcher)
Georgie Craig (Postdoctoral Researcher)
Jamie Rose (Lab Manager/Senior Technician)
Lucy Ryan (PhD Student)

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