"Collaboration is at the heart of our institute; across our centres and beyond.​ We're proud and grateful for the opportunity to work closely with many researchers beyond the UK DRI who share our vision to conquer dementia." UK DRI Director

1. UK DRI Associate Members

Our growing community of UK DRI Group Leaders must constantly interact and collaborate with other investigators locally, nationally and internationally to progress the field of dementia research.

Whilst collaboration is second nature to the UK DRI and happens without central consideration, we additionally identify a select group of investigators with whom a longer-term relationship is valuable for both parties, and ultimately for people affected by dementia.

UK DRI Associate Members contribute real value to the UK DRI mission. They interact closely with one or more UK DRI Group Leaders and engage closely with the Institute's intellectual environment. Associate Members can also apply for central UK DRI initiatives in partnership with a UK DRI Group Leader, contribution to UK DRI themes and workshops and access shared technology platforms.

In return, the UK DRI benefits from Associate Members' skills, knowledge, energy and collaborative spirit.

  • Prof Dario Alessi- Professor of Signal Transduction and Director of MRC-PPU and DSTT - MRC Protein Phosphorylation and Ubiquitylation Unit (MRC-PPU), University of Dundee
  • Prof Roger Barker - Professor of Clinical Neuroscience and Honorary Consultant in Neurology at the University of Cambridge and at Addenbrooke’s Hospital
  • Prof Michel Goedert - Head of Division of Neurobiology - MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology, University of Cambridge
  • Prof Seth Grant - Professor of Molecular Neuroscience - University of Edinburgh
  • Dr Adam Hampshire - Reader in Restorative Neurosciences - Imperial College London
  • Prof Kenneth Harris - Professor of Quantative Neuroscience - Institute of Neurology, UCL
  • Prof Corinne Houart - Professor of Developmental Neurobiology, Deputy Head of Centre for Developmental Neurobiology - King's College London
  • Prof Miia Kivipelto - Chair in Neuroepidemiology and Director of the Ageing Epidemiology Research Unit - AGE Research Unit, Imperial College London
  • Dr Paresh Malhotra - Reader in Cognitive & Behavioural Neurology - Imperial College London
  • Prof Valerie O'Donnell - Co-Director of Systems Immunity Research Institute - Systems Immunity Research Institute, Cardiff University
  • Prof John O'Keefe - Professor of Cognitive Neuroscience - Sainsbury Wellcome Centre, UCL
  • Prof Chris Ponting - Chair of Medical Bioinformatics - University of Edinburgh
  • Prof Dame Louise Robinson - Professor of Primary Care and Ageing; Regius Professor of Ageing - Population Health Sciences Institute, Newcastle University
  • Prof Peter St George-Hyslop - Wellcome Trust Principal Research Fellow - Cambridge Institute for Medical Research, University of Cambridge
  • Prof Sandrine Thuret - Professor of Neuroscience - King's College London

2. UK DRI Co-investigators

Researchers who work collaboratively with Group Leaders on UK DRI research projects