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Comment: Transmission of amyloid beta pathology

Our Directors comment on new findings from the UCL MRC Prion Unit.

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Uk Dri Basic Research Focus

Defeating dementia: progress and challenges on the road to 2025

5 December 2018: Summit meeting to drive global action to deliver the dementia solutions

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Paul Matthews Neurofilaments Workshop

Workshop: Neurofilament as a Biomarker

Our Imperial and UCL centres came together to host a meeting with selected international experts.

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Fluid biomarkers to detect early changes in the brain

Ahead of running the marathon for the dementia revolution, Dr Amanda Heslegrave explains her work on biomarkers.

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UK DRI at Cardiff opens its doors

The centre has been officially opened by Health Secretary Vaughan Gething.

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Bart de Strooper: views from the rooftop

Adrian Burton in conversation with our Director for The Lancet Neurology

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D3A: Launching our new research accelerator partnership with DDF

We're thrilled to team up with the Dementia Discovery Fund to support important research projects with potential to create meaningful new medicines for dementia.

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Cardiff Equip

A SMARTer system: new equipment brings greater insight

The new SMARTer ICELL8cx Single-Cell Automation System is installed and ready to use at our Cardiff centre.

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Connectome Group

Connectome 2018: Connect, discover, accelerate.

Our researchers were brought together in one place for the first time!

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Mild Stroke Study 3 recruits its first participant

Led by Professor Joanna Wardlaw at the UK DRI at Edinburgh

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Mathew Horrocks Equipment

Biophysics: Understanding dementia to the nanometer

Guest blog from Dr Mathew Horrocks, UK DRI at Edinburgh

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Nir Grossman wins prize for method that reaches into the brain, without surgery

Congratulations to our UK DRI Fellow on this recognition for incredible work

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UK DRI at UCL opens its doors

“This is the beginning of the end for dementia,” announced Prof Nick Fox, as we officially opened the hub of the institute at UCL.

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Uk Dri And Io N New Building Crop

£2 million Wolfson Foundation award towards our future home at UCL

The state of the art new building will house both the hub of the UK DRI alongside UCL’s renowned Institute of Neurology.

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Professor Nick Fox to lead the UK DRI at UCL for 2018

We are delighted to announce that Professor Nick Fox, a group leader at the UK DRI at UCL, has generously agreed to step up as interim Associate Director of the UK DRI at UCL.

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A structure for success

An update on our leadership team, from our UK DRI Board of Trustees

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Neurological disorders appear genetically distinct from one another and from psychiatric disorders

As part of the Brainstorm Consortium, UK DRI researchers have played a role in a new study that starts to re-shape how we think about many disorders of the brain.

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Molecular mechanisms of Parkinson’s disease are unravelled

A team of collaborators, including UK DRI centres in Cambridge and Edinburgh have performed detailed brain cell analysis to uncover new mechanisms thought to underlie Parkinson’s disease.

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David R Autophagosomes In A Neuron In Primary Culture

Roger de Spoelberch Prize awarded to David Rubinsztein, UK DRI Professor

Awarded for work on neurodegenerative or psychiatric diseases, this year's prize goes to Prof David Rubinsztein, UK DRI at University of Cambridge, for his work on autophagy and neurodegeneration.

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UK DRI at the ARUK conference 2018

As one of our founding funders, we were proud to feature at this year's annual conference from Alzheimer's Research UK (March 20-21, London).

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