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Research from UK DRI at UCL, the hub of the institute, will cover the journey from the patient to the laboratory and back to the patient with improved diagnosis, biomarkers and candidate therapies to put to the test. Led by Professor Bart de Strooper, UK DRI Director, the team will address the key unanswered mechanistic questions that link genetic and lifecourse factors to dysfunction in molecular pathways, in cells and in neural systems during the progression of the dementias. This work will be enhanced by clinical resource to link lab work to the clinic.

UK DRI at UCL will examine changes in gene expression and biological pathways in single cells to get a detailed picture of the changes happening during the initiation and development of Alzheimer’s disease. The UCL team will also develop new biomarkers to monitor disease progression. Programmes of work will look specifically at deficits in axonal transport as a very early step in neurodegeneration and at the role of the Wnt signaling pathway in the maintenance and function of synapses to see whether it is a promising target for future dementia therapies.

Location: UK DRI at UCL will initially be located in a refurbished space within the Cruciform building, within UCL’s Bloomsbury campus. This location is near to Alzheimer's Research UK's UCL Drug Discovery Institute, the MRC Laboratory for Molecular Cellular Biology, the MRC Prion Unit, the Sainsbury Wellcome Centre for Neural Circuits and Behaviour, and genetic facilities. 

Foundation programmes at this centre:

  • Professorship/Fellowship: Deciphering the cellular phase of AD using single cell genomics 
    • Leads: Professor Bart de Strooper and Dr Carlo Frigerio
  • Professorship: Fluid biomarkers for neurogenerative diseases 
    • Lead: Professor Henrik Zetterberg
  • Professorship: Restoring axonal transport deficits as a therapeutic strategy for neurodegenerative diseases 
    • Lead: Professor Gipi Schiavo
  • Professorship: Humanised models: the role of Wnt signaling in neurodegenerative disease. 
    • Lead: Professor Paul Whiting
  • Professorship: Clinical resource for the UK DRI
    • Lead: Professor Nick Fox
  • Professorship: Analysis of neurodegeneration 
    • Lead: Professor John Hardy
  • Professorship: Mechanism of the DNA damage response in Huntington’s disease pathogenesis and relevance for therapeutics.
    • Leads: Professor Gill Bates and Professor Sarah Tabrizi
  • Fellowship: Understanding Alzheimer’s disease-related genetic variability 
    • Leads: Dr Rita Guerreiro and Dr Jose Bras
  • Fellowship: Frontotemporal dementia disease mechanisms 
    • Lead: Professor Adrian Isaacs

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