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Karen Duff

"The UK DRI at UCL contributes its strengths in genetics, mechanisms, translation and clinical applications to the overall goals of the UK DRI so that we can achieve the “three R’s” - placing the right drugs, in the right patients, at the right time. Together, we can accelerate discovery and reduce the time it will take to eradicate dementia." Karen Duff
UK DRI Associate Director (Spring 2020)

With over 15 years’ experience working in Alzheimer’s disease and currently Professor of Pathology and Cell Biology at Colombia University, we are privileged that Prof Karen Duff will be returning to the UK in spring 2020 as Associate Director of the UK DRI’s hub in UCL. Completing a PhD in the Cambridge lab of Nobel Prize winner Sydney Brenner, Karen is now a leader in the field of neurodegenerative disease, having shared the prestigious Potamkin Prize in 2006. Her most notable work has been in the development of several transgenic research models, which have driven the field forward in its mission to find therapeutics for these devastating conditions.

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