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We bring together a multidisciplinary team to take on the huge challenges presented by the human brain and devastating diseases that cause dementia.

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Our researchers

Science vision

Our research programmes fit into the Institute-wide vision, ensuring our scientific goals are aligned and have the biggest impact possible in dementia research. 

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Science vision

Platforms and initiatives

To meet the challenge of developing treatments and technology for those living with dementia, we must be ambitious in our thinking and equip ourselves with the best tools, technology and resources. At the UK DRI, we’re committed to building initiatives and infrastructure that provide a catalyst to groundbreaking dementia research taking place across the UK.

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Research themes

To ensure we capitalise on diverse expertise, approaches and perspectives, we have established cross-centre themes that bring together researchers to address the major scientific questions that remain in key topic areas for dementia.

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Research themes

Translation and innovation

We have a clearly defined vision at the UK DRI to develop effective therapeutics, diagnostics and technologies for people living with dementia. Alongside building our disease knowledge over the coming years, we will also make progress in translating these discoveries into the clinic.

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We benefit from a rich landscape of organisations and networks committed to dementia research, both nationally and internationally. By harnessing each others’ strengths and sharing expertise, we can create a thriving research ecosystem that accelerates progress towards our collective goals.

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