Governance & boards

The UK Dementia Research Institute (UK DRI) is governed by UK DRI Ltd (Company No. 11045257), which is established as a charitable company (Charity No. 1179589).

Board of Trustees

UK DRI is governed by a Board of Trustees, chaired by William Rucker

The Board of Trustees meet quarterly and are responsible for the management of the institute’s activities. 


Operational board

The operational board is responsible for managing the delivery of the UK DRI’s scientific objectives. Membership includes the UK DRI Director, UK DRI COO and UK DRI Associate Directors, who meet quarterly.

Scientific advisory boards

Each of our centres are establishing a Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) with prestigious members from across the globe. The SABs provide guidance and advice to our centres. We are grateful for their time and expertise.

Peer review feedback from SABs of each UK DRI Centre and from the UK DRI Institutional Advisory Boards (all to be established in 2019) will complement our progress monitoring procedures. It is expected that SABs will provide annual feedback to each UK DRI Associate Director on the development and implementation of their centre strategy and the progress of their research programmes, while the IAB will meet once a year to provide feedback to the UK DRI Directors on the strategic development of the UK DRI at national level. 

UK DRI at Edinburgh

UK DRI at Imperial

UK DRI at Kings

Full details on SABs for HQ, Cambridge, Cardiff, UCL and our Care Research & Tech centre will be shared soon.

Founding funders

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