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The UK DRI is seeking ambitious, talented scientists from around the world, from different fields across biomedical and translational research. Together we'll fill knowledge gaps in dementias and enrich and strengthen existing expertise.


Opportunities for everyone

The UK DRI will be made up initially of 400 researchers, working on around 50 five year research programmes across the institute. This includes a significant number of professors to lead programmes and independent research fellows, who will be selected by interview. Programmes will include postdoctoral posts and technical support and each UK DRI centre will be allocated studentships. The UK DRI will provide postdoctoral researchers with strong career prospects and growth paths within the institute.

Not long to wait!

The UK DRI centres that make up the institute have each be awarded foundation programme grants to help build capacity and drive the institute forwards in its establishment. The next core stage of development for the institute will start in summer 2017, when more opportunities will become available and advertised. This is when the international search for top talent will begin. The UK DRI is especially looking for scientists who are at an early career stage or work in other areas of research as this will help bring innovative ideas to tackle dementia.

In addition to biomedical research at the UK DRI, an associate director will be recruited in 2018 to lead on the care strategy for the institute.

More detailed information on opportunities to join the UK DRI, including research programme leadership positions, will be shared on this page from summer 2017. Please check back to see how you can be part of helping the UK DRI reach its ambitious goals to tackle dementias from all angles. 

The UK DRI will become a scientific hotbed and one of the most exciting places for breakthrough scientific innovations, so we need top, ambitious scientists at all career stages. Professor Bart De Strooper, UK DRI Director

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