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Since launching in 2017, our institute has rapidly grown to over 350 researchers and 150 students, but we have space for many more as we grow the capacity in the field.

We’re looking for brilliant people who will help transform the range and pace of research on dementia. You’ll be supported by the very best tools and resources and join a culture that encourages high risk/reward science and sharing of ideas.

Together our teams create a vibrant, ambitious and interactive neuroscience community. We're seeking programme leaders, research associates, post-docs and other roles to fill our teams across our seven centres, as well as our operational headquarters team (based at UCL).

For recruitment enquiries, please contact us on or 020 3108 6538.

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UK DRI at The University of Cambridge

From biological to physical sciences: working across disciplines to boost our understanding of the processes underlying the earliest stages of neurodegeneration and ageing.

  • Specialisms at Cambridge
  • Molecular and cellular biological approaches to understanding disease mechanisms
  • Proteostasis, translational control at the synapse, myelin/axon interactions in neuronal health and disease
  • Biomechanics of brain ageing and its role in disease processes and therapy
  • Inter-disciplinary science, including biophysics and chemistry
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    The UK DRI at The University of Cambridge focuses on the mechanistic processes involved in the earliest stages of neurodegenerative disease to identify therapeutic targets with the greatest potential to prevent dementia. These processes include the spreading of misfolded tau protein, the cold shock protein response in the repair of synapses and autophagy as a protective cellular response, all of which are relevant to several different types of dementia.

    Led by Professor Giovanna Mallucci, the team uses cellular and molecular approaches to better characterise these important processes with a strong emphasis on identifying molecular targets that can be rapidly translated into new dementia treatments for those in the early stages.

    UK DRI at The University of Cambridge, embraces biological and physical sciences in the newly refurbished Island Research Building on the Cambridge Biomedical Campus.

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  • Research Laboratory Technician, UK DRI at Cambridge - Mallucci Lab

    Applications are open for an experienced Research Laboratory Technician to join the laboratory of Prof Giovanna Mallucci, Associate Director of the UK DRI at Cambridge. You will provide support to a senior post-doctoral research associate and the research team to better understand the molecular mechanisms which drive over-activation of the unfolded protein response in neurodegenerative diseases. You will provide technical support in many aspects of biochemistry including protein expression, protein purification and cell biology as well as contributing to the day-to-day running of the laboratory. You will be Educated to A level, NVQ level 3, or an equivalent level of practical experience. Previous experience of working in a Biomedical/biosciences laboratory and excellent organisational and record keeping skills are essential. Knowledge of basic techniques in cell and molecular biology is desirable, although training in all relevant techniques will be provided. Ref: RR21255, Closing date: 24 November

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  • Animal Research Laboratory Technician, UK DRI at Cambridge - Mallucci Lab

    Applications are now open for an experienced Animal Research Laboratory Technician to join the laboratory of Prof Giovanna Mallucci, Associate Director of the UK DRI at Cambridge. The role holder will deliver direct support to the Mallucci group's research by aiding the management and running of the groups animal colonies and in vivo studies including performing daily clinical observations and providing technical assistance with both regulated and non-regulated experimental protocols. You will also support basic laboratory administration and ensure accurate records are kept and appropriate regulations and relevant codes of practice are followed. You will be Educated to A level, NVQ level 3, or an equivalent level of practical experience in in vivo research. Previous experience of working in a biomedical/biosciences laboratory and in animal colony management and conducting regulated and non-regulated procedures is essential. Experience of surgery will also be an advantage. The successful candidate will be expected to hold, or be ready to apply for a Home Office personal license with Home Office modules A-C. Ref: RR21221, Closing date: 24 November

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Group leaders

We have over 50 group leaders working across the institute, and are always seeking to fill more of these positions on a rolling basis - please contact your centre of interest to discuss opportunities further.

As a professor or fellow at one of the seven UK DRI centres, you would lead a group of postdoctoral fellows, PhD students and technical support staff. Directing activities on a local level and feeding into the organisation’s wider mission, you would provide the intellectual energy and independent thinking necessary to lead cutting-edge research, shaping the overall aims and achievements of your group.

To be successful, you should have a proven track record of internationally competitive scientific research and persuasive plans for a new and exciting UK DRI core programme. In return, the institute offers a five-year research programme package of up to £3 million for a professor and up to £1.5 million for a fellow. Recruiting UK DRI centres are offering competitive salaries. Programme leaders will be employees of the university hosting the UK DRI centre and will be employed under the standard employment terms and conditions of that university.

The UK DRI welcomes scientists from all disciplines. We encourage you to consider the specialisms across the institute and have a discussion with the associate director of your centre of interest. You will submit one application directly to your preferred UK DRI centre, which will be strongly considered at selection stage by the institute as a whole.

Group leader recruitment pack

Postdoctoral researchers, research assistants and technicians

Our UK DRI centres are filling positions within their programmes. The institute offers interdisciplinary training and cutting-edge resources, with innovation at its heart.

We continuously have opportunities at all levels. Please explore within each centre to see roles that are open to join our ambitious and interactive community.

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