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Since launching in 2017, our institute has rapidly grown to over 350 researchers and 150 students, but we have space for many more as we grow the capacity in the field.

We’re looking for brilliant people who will help transform the range and pace of research on dementia. You’ll be supported by the very best tools and resources and join a culture that encourages high risk/reward science and sharing of ideas.

Together our teams create a vibrant, ambitious and interactive neuroscience community. We're seeking programme leaders, research associates, post-docs and other roles to fill our teams across our seven centres, as well as our operational headquarters team (based at UCL).

For recruitment enquiries, please contact us on or 020 3108 6538.

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​UK DRI at The University of Edinburgh

From brain vasculature to microglia: elucidating the interactions within the brain and with the body which control the trajectory of neurodegenerative disorders.

  • Specialisms at Edinburgh
  • Cellular interplay maintaining brain homeostasis and its disruption in dementia
  • Mechanisms of synapse-, neuron- and circuit-level dysfunction leading to cognitive decline
  • Macroglial and microglial roles in neuroprotection and neurodegeneration
  • Biology of cerebrovascular, blood-brain-barrier and metabolic dysfunction in neurodegenerative disease
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    Studies are increasingly highlighting the important role of immune, vascular and metabolic factors in the development of neurodegenerative diseases but the interplay between these components in disease progression is poorly understood. The UK DRI at Edinburgh broadens out the traditional view of neurodegenerative disease as a disorder of misfolded proteins to encompass the multicellular environment surrounding degenerating neurons.

    The research team lead by Professor Giles Hardingham examines the complex interactions between cells of the brain, immune system and blood vessels that make up the ‘neurogliovascular unit’. They bring together strengths in metabolism, inflammation, blood vessel biology and stem cell medicine to explore how interactions at the neurogliovascular unit control the trajectory of neurodegenerative diseases leading to dementia.

    By describing interactions at the neurogliovascular unit that help to maintain cognitive function for several decades in a healthy, ageing brain, the team aim to identify biological regulators that can inform the development of new therapies.

    UK DRI at The University of Edinburgh is located on the BioQuarter, Edinburgh's new multidisciplinary research institute and teaching hospital with access to superb multimodal neuroimaging and clinical research facilities. 

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  • Research Fellow, UK DRI at Edinburgh - Gan Lab

    Applications are invited for a Research Fellow position in Dr Jian Gan’s lab based in the UK DRI at Edinburgh. The lab investigates real-time neurocircuit dynamics underlying network oscillations, cognition, and decision-making in vivo. With such knowledge, we seek to elaborate on what, where, when and how such dynamism goes wrong in disease conditions, e.g. dementia. We approach these questions by a combination of state-of-the-art methodologies in neuroscience, for instance in vivo patch-clamp recording, large-scale silicon probe recording, well-controlled quantitative behaviours in virtual reality and optogenetics. Successful candidates will have a Ph.D. in neuroscience/physiology/pharmacology/psychology or related quantitative disciplines (e.g. computer science, engineering, mathematics, and physics) with a strong curiosity in neural circuits and animal models of neural diseases. Applicants should have either good experimental skills or strong computational/quantitative ability. Experience in electrophysiology or Ca2+ imaging in vivo, patch-clamp recording in vitro, stereotaxic surgery, behavioral training, and histology is highly desirable. Some proficiency in relevant programming languages (e.g. MATLAB, C++, Python, R) with regard to analyzing electrophysiological/imaging data or signal processing of neural networks is advantageous. Ref: 050853, Closing date: 10 February

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  • UK DRI Fellow at Edinburgh

    UK DRI Fellows will lead an internationally competitive research programme with up to £1.5m in funding support, relevant to the area of neurodegeneration, with the ultimate aim of improving human health. You will draw on the knowledge and expertise of other colleagues both within and outside of the UK DRI through collaborative inputs and team working. Use reference: 046510 on Edinburgh vacancy page. Rolling Deadline.

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  • UK DRI Professor at Edinburgh

    UK DRI Professors will direct internationally competitive research with up to £3m programme support, relevant to the area of neurodegeneration, with the ultimate aim of improving human health. You will draw on the knowledge and expertise of other colleagues both within and outside of the UK DRI through collaborative inputs and team working. Use reference: 046501 on Edinburgh vacancy page. Rolling deadline.

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Group leaders

We have over 50 group leaders working across the institute, and are always seeking to fill more of these positions on a rolling basis - please contact your centre of interest to discuss opportunities further.

As a professor or fellow at one of the seven UK DRI centres, you would lead a group of postdoctoral fellows, PhD students and technical support staff. Directing activities on a local level and feeding into the organisation’s wider mission, you would provide the intellectual energy and independent thinking necessary to lead cutting-edge research, shaping the overall aims and achievements of your group.

To be successful, you should have a proven track record of internationally competitive scientific research and persuasive plans for a new and exciting UK DRI core programme. In return, the institute offers a five-year research programme package of up to £3 million for a professor and up to £1.5 million for a fellow. Recruiting UK DRI centres are offering competitive salaries. Programme leaders will be employees of the university hosting the UK DRI centre and will be employed under the standard employment terms and conditions of that university.

The UK DRI welcomes scientists from all disciplines. We encourage you to consider the specialisms across the institute and have a discussion with the associate director of your centre of interest. You will submit one application directly to your preferred UK DRI centre, which will be strongly considered at selection stage by the institute as a whole.

Group leader recruitment pack

Postdoctoral researchers, research assistants and technicians

Our UK DRI centres are filling positions within their programmes. The institute offers interdisciplinary training and cutting-edge resources, with innovation at its heart.

We continuously have opportunities at all levels. Please explore within each centre to see roles that are open to join our ambitious and interactive community.

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