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Launching: £2m collaboration with Eisai to accelerate dementia research

This first-of-its-kind industry collaboration for the UK DRI aims to deliver innovative research that translates into improvements in diagnosis, treatment and prevention of all types of dementia.

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Recording: From Academia to Industry - A Lunchtime Conversation

Are you exploring a potential career move to industry? Watch two scientists talk about their career pathway, their transition from academia to industry, pros and cons, career tips…

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UK DRI at Edinburgh Annual Symposium 2019

The 2nd Annual Symposium from the UK DRI at Edinburgh took place at the Royal Society on 30th April. PhD student Sophie Quick takes us through her highlights from the day.

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UK DRI Researcher receives prestigious Future Leaders Fellowship from UKRI

UK DRI fellow at UCL, Dr Marc Aurel Busche, has been named as a recipients of a new fellowship scheme run by UK Research and Innovation (UKRI).

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Promising Huntington’s drug trial results shared after over a decade’s work

The full results from a ground-breaking trial showing successful lowering of a toxic protein in the neurodegenerative condition Huntington’s Disease, have been published.

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Do ‘microglia’ hold the key to stop Alzheimer’s disease?

A research team led by Prof. Bart De Strooper, UK DRI Director, studied how specialised brain cells called microglia respond to the accumulation of toxic proteins in the brain, a feature typical of Alzheimer’s disease.

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Comment: New dementia classification highlights need for better diagnostics and personalised interventions

Scientists and clinicians have described a new form of dementia that exhibits symptoms similar to Alzheimer’s disease, and suggest 20% misdiagnosis in patients over 80 years old.

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Running for the Dementia Revolution

This Sunday, thousands of marathon runners will be pounding the streets of London, raising vital money for charities across the UK. Many will be powering ground-breaking dementia research by fundraising for the UK Dementia Research Institute (UK DRI) through the Dementia Revolution campaign.

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MP visit to UK DRI: Highlighting the importance of dementia research to the UK

We were delighted to welcome a group of MPs to the UK DRI labs at UCL today, to discuss the significant impact of dementia to our society and the ground-breaking research seeking to change that.

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Study finds re-purposing blood pressure drug may treat several neurodegenerative conditions

A team led by Professor David Rubinsztein, UK DRI at Cambridge, have shown that a prescribed drug to treat high blood pressure may be effective in treating conditions such as Parkinson’s disease, Huntington’s disease and forms of dementia.

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Launching: UK DRI Care Research & Technology at Imperial

We’re thrilled to officially appoint our seventh centre of the UK DRI, after a competitive search for a robust programme that asks new and fundamental questions on how to better support people with dementia.

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Dementia Ecosystem UK: ​Action through alliance

To tackle the challenge of dementias we must capitalise on the breadth of available resources and expertise, and build an integrated ecosystem. In this spirit, on 2 April 2019 the UK DRI hosted the first meeting with Directors of the UK major programmes.

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Cells from Alzheimer’s disease patients shed light on disease mechanism

UK DRI researchers, together with leading colleagues in Alzheimer’s disease across UCL and beyond, have utilised patient-derived stem cells to uncover the effects of mutation on the processing of a key protein implicated in disease progression.

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Our highlights from the ARUK Conference 2019

Between 19-20th March, over 500 delegates came together in the small town of Harrogate in Yorkshire for the annual Alzheimer’s Research UK (ARUK) Conference – a particular highlight in the dementia meeting calendar.

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Disappointment as phase III aducanumab trials for Alzheimer’s disease stopped early

It was announced yesterday (Thursday 21st March) that pharmaceutical companies Biogen and Eisai are to discontinue two phase III trials of the Alzheimer’s disease drug aducanumab.

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Iimages Ap Princess Anne Visits Uk Dementia 014

The Princess Royal visits UK Dementia Research Institute at UCL

During the visit, The Princess met with our directors to hear about their vision for the institute, toured one of our new laboratories and learned about some of the cutting-edge research underway.

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Alzheimer’s gene study achieves landmark breakthrough

Julie Williams, Associate Director, UK DRI at Cardiff heads the GERAD consortium who collaborated on a major new genetics study.

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Tearing Down Dementia: the UK DRI at King’s officially opens its doors

A lively symposium has marked the official opening of our King’s College London centre.

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UK DRI 'Meet The Funders' Workshop

On Monday 14th January UK DRI held its first live streamed event hosted at the UK DRI Hub at UCL.

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UK DRI Care Research & Technology programme appointed

Hot off the press we are delighted to announce that a major new ‘Care Research & Technology’ programme has been selected to soon join the UK DRI.

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