Application of imaging, subcellular and single cell proteomics to dementia research

​UK Dementia Research Institute Symposium

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Application of imaging, subcellular and single cell proteomics to dementia research

Interpreting biological information in the context of position or location in a tissue or cell can reveal vital information to interpret the complexities of neurodegenerative disorders. Spatial techniques to map the metabolome, transcriptome and lipid content of tissues and cellular neighbourhoods are producing datasets which provide insights into degenerative conditions including Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease. To achieve similar aims in the proteome we can apply a set of tools based on mass spectrometry to accurately map the full range of proteins in a tissue or cell. This symposium will present work from a panel of researchers at the leading edge of the application of mass-spectrometry imaging, subcellular and single cell proteomics to study neurodegenerative disease.

This one day symposium will take place at Discovery Point in Dundee on Friday 16 September 2022.

The symposium is free to attend.

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  • Bring together UK DRI scientists interested in mass-spectrometry imaging, subcellular and single cell proteomics with specialist experts in the field.
  • Share information on cutting edge techniques and the opportunities they present to the ongoing research programmes in the UK DRI.
  • Discuss how these applications could specifically be applied to the work of UK DRI scientists.
  • Informally scope partnerships for future collaborations and announce small-grant seed funding to support work with the Proteomics platform or one of the symposium speakers.

Hybrid format

The symposium will be held in person at Discovery point in Dundee, a city with a world-leading reputation for Mass Spectrometry. For in person attendees there will be refreshments and lunch provided followed by a drinks reception aboard the RRS Discovery. We would encourage you to attend if you can but will also provide a virtual stream of the conference. There is a maximum capacity of 150 people so please book your places early.

Travel and accommodation

There are discounts to travel and accommodation available, please use the links and discount codes available on our Symposium Delegate Page here.


If you would like any more information, please contact Beth Geary, the UK DRI Proteomics Platform lead scientist:

Photo courtesy of Discovery Point