Glial Cells: Identities, functions and roles in brain health and disease

An introductory course

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Originally considered to provide largely supporting “glue”, glial cells are now recognised as central participants in brain function. They are involved in brain development, metabolism, neuronal activity and plasticity and contribute to disease resilience and susceptibility. It is now clear that understanding the brain is not possible without understanding glial cells.  This course will provide a general introduction to astrocytes, oligodendrocytes and microglia, from their basic features and roles to recent advances in knowledge of their functional roles. Delivered by experts in the field, a central aim is to be accessible, therefore presentations will be targeted at the non-specialist.

Organisers: H. Rheinallt Parri (Aston University) & Barry McColl (UK DRI at Edinburgh)

Where: Glasgow Caledonian University

When: Friday 10 July 2020, 9am - 5pm (Preceding FENS2020)


9:00: Introduction

  • 9:30: Giles Hardingham (UK DRI at Edinburgh) - 'Astrocyte regulation of neuronal function across the lifecourse'

10:10: Coffee Break

  • 10:30: Gertrudis Perea (Madrid)  - 'Functional astrocyte-synapse roles in cortical circuits'
  • 11:10: Nathalie Rouach (Paris)  - 'Role of astrocyte gap junction proteins in the brain'
  • 11:50: Daniel Fulton, (University of Birmingham) - 'Oligodendrocytes in myelination' 

12:30: Lunch

  • 13:30: Thora Karadottir (University of Cambridge) - 'Oligodendroglial-axon signalling'
  • 14:10: Josef Priller (UK DRI at Edinburgh) - 'Microglia – ontogeny, identity, diversity' 
  • 14:50: Soyon Hong (UK DRI at UCL) - 'Microglial-synapse interactions'  

15:30: Coffee

  • 16:00: Andrew Greenhalgh (Bordeaux) - 'Microglial roles in CNS injury and repair' 
  • 16:40: Jason Berwick (Sheffield) - 'The role of astrocytes in neurovascular coupling'

17:20: End - refreshments


£26.00 for students (undergraduates, postgraduate and PhD students) 

£52.00 for non-students 

Please register using the form on the website of the British Neuroscience Association

This event is supported by the Gatsby Charitable Foundation and organised by the British Neuroscience Association

Header image courtesy of National Institute on Aging, National Institutes of Health, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.