Making it Brain: A Neuroscience Research and Career Mini-Conference for Students

An insight into the day-to-day working lives of academic scientists and clinicians in the UK Dementia Research Institute!

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The UK Dementia Research Institute (UK DRI) is delighted to host our first research and careers mini-conference for late-stage (16+) secondary school students! 

This is a brilliant opportunity to learn more about the career of an academic scientist or clinician and their fascinating research into the workings of the brain. We’ll be showcasing diverse topics from across our Institute - from cells to circuits, systems to patients!  

You’ll have the chance to hear from leading researchers about their motivations and the journeys that led them into the field of neuroscience and neurodegenerative disease, followed by a live Q&A. 

We’ll also be taking you behind the scenes of a working laboratory in a series of videos to experience the range of techniques we use to investigate the brain and its unique characteristics.

The mini-conference will be held virtually and is completely FREE for attendees - register today! Although aimed at those in the later stages of secondary school (16-18), students of any age can attend including undergraduates.

Schedule of Events
  • Day 1: Wednesday 15th September

    16:00 - Introduction

    16:05 - Prof Nick Fox (UCL)
    “Seeing what Alzheimer couldn’t see: imaging and biomarkers in the search for treatments for dementias”

    16:25 - Screening: Follow-me-around the lab

    16:30 - Dr Sarah Marzi (Imperial)
    “A Cellular Malfunction: how cells lose control of their genes in Alzheimer’s disease” 

    16:50 - Live Q&A with our speakers

  • Day 2: Thursday 16 September

    16:00 - Introduction and recap

    16:05 - Prof Selina Wray (UCL)
    “Building a brain in a dish: how stem cells can help us understand dementia”

    16:25 - Screening Follow-me-around the lab

    16:30 - Dr Dayne Beccano-Kelly (Cardiff)
    “Once upon a time at the synapse: the story of how identifying early changes in the brain could stop Parkinson’s disease”

    16:50 - Dr Soyon Hong (UCL)
    “It takes two to tango: how immune and nervous cells work together for healthy brains”

    17:15 - Live Q&A with our speakers

    17:25 - Wrap up and close

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If you have any questions or queries about the event, please get in touch with Sophie Sanford at