Synapse Symposium: Physiology and Pathophysiology

An outstanding international forum for synapse biology in physiological and pathophysiological conditions

Synapse Symposium

Progressive synapse dysfunction in the brain results in cognitive impairment. The precise mechanism(s) responsible for the declining memory function in diseases such as Alzheimer’s diseases is not completely understood. Growing evidence indicates that functional weakening and a reduction of synapse size are thought to correlate with severity of neurodegenerative diseases. However, despite the use of various experimental models and numerous studies, we have yet to fully define the core biology associated with this pathophysiology.

The symposium will provide an outstanding international forum for synapse biology in physiological and pathophysiological conditions, allowing for stimulating discussions and the exchange of new ideas to challenge therapeutic intervention. This symposium will be held in conjunction with King’s College London and the UK Dementia Research Institute as an inter-institutional workshop. Those interested in attending this event must submit an application form for registration.

Following the symposium on the 27th, a Technical Workshop day, organised by Scientifica & Coherent, will take place on the 28th (limited places available).



Thursday, 27th June

09:00 Registration

09:30 Kei Cho (DRI at King’s College London)- Opening

09:35 Haruhiko Bito (Tokyo Univ., Japan) – Arc-haeology of long-term memory

10:00 Albert Lee (Janelia, USA) – The statistical structure of hippocampal representations

10:25 Matt Jones (Bristol) – Psychiatric risk synapses and their thalamic-cortical-limbic consequences

11:00 Coffee Break

11:20 Sam Cooke (King’s College London) – Cortical synaptic plasticity arising from experience and deprivation

11:45 Sam Barnes (DRI at Imperial College) – Functional signatures of homeostatic plasticity in vivo

12:20 Scientifica & Coherent – Advanced three photon imaging tool

12:30 Lunch

13:30 Anne Bertolotti (LBM-Cambridge) - TBA

13:55 David Klenerman (DRI at Cambridge) – Studying single aggregates to determine the molecular basis of Alzheimer’s disease

14:20 Michisuke Yuzaki (Keio Univ., Japan) – How to make and destroy synapses: New tools to modify function and structure

14:45 Coffee Break

15:05 Zheng Li (NIH, USA) – Crosstalk of caspases and autophagy in synaptic plasticity

15:30 Kei Cho (DRI at King’s College London) - Weakening of postsynaptic M1 muscarinic acetylcholine receptor in Alzheimer’s disease

15:55 Marco Brancaccio (DRI at Imperial College London) – Astrocytic-neuronal interplay in the generation of circadian rhythms

16:20 Closing Remarks Day-1

Friday, 28th June

Technical Workshop (organised by Scientifica & Coherent) - Limited spaces available

This symposium is organised by UK DRI at King's College London, Scientifica and Coherent

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