Comment: ARUK report showing the benefit of dementia research to the UK economy

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UK DRI Founding Funder, Alzheimer's Research UK (ARUK), have today (11 July 2023) published a report 'The Economic Value of Dementia Research' showing how investment in dementia research can directly boost the country’s economy.

For this analysis, the charity commissioned the Office of Health Economics (an independent research organisation) to explore the economic returns from dementia research in the UK between 2019 and 2020, and how this is projected to change by 2040. They found that for every £1 invested in dementia research, £2.59 is generated in economic benefits.

Prof Giles Hardingham, Interim Director of the UK DRI, said:

“Most of us are aware of the devastating impact dementia has on people’s lives, but its impact on the economy is just as pernicious. With an ageing population, dementia is a growing economic threat as well as a health one. The only way to reverse this trend is research.

Today’s report from Alzheimer’s Research UK is clear: investing in dementia research is good for our economy. Not only that, but the more we invest, the higher the returns will be. Dementia research creates jobs, boosts supply chains, and opens the possibility of a better future. At the UK Dementia Research Institute, we are proud to have created over 800 research positions, all working towards finding new treatments to slow and prevent dementia. With more investment, dementia researchers across the UK will transform the economy – and people’s lives – for the better.”

Find out more about the economic impact of dementia research in ARUK's short blog or the read the full report now.

Article published: 11 July 2023

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