Comment: Strategic framework for the Major Conditions Strategy

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The strategic framework for the Major Conditions Strategy rightly focuses on many of the things that matter most in the fight against dementia: improving prevention, facilitating early diagnosis, and enabling people living with the condition to live better, more independent lives.

However, this framework must be backed up by clear actions and commitments in the upcoming full strategy. It is also essential that the Government begins the critical task of readying the health system for new treatments, which are now on the horizon thanks to major scientific breakthroughs.

The role that research will play to underpin the ability of the Government to achieve its objectives must not be undervalued or forgotten. Whether it’s harnessing AI to transform care provision, working to understand the links between lifestyle and dementia risk, or developing ground-breaking diagnostic techniques, research gives us the tools to adopt a completely new approach.

In the UK DRI’s submission to the Major Conditions Strategy consultation, we outlined some of the ways our researchers are working to improve diagnosis, care and prevention. You can read the full submission here.

Article published: 15 August 2023
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