NEURii: Project launched to harness data and artificial intelligence for the detection, monitoring and treatment of dementia

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A major new public-private partnership, NEURii, was announced last month aiming to use high-quality individual data, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Machine Learning (ML) to deliver patient-focused digital health solutions for dementia.

Incoming UK DRI Director Siddharthan Chandran serves as academic lead on the project, building on his national ambition to bring together partners in the dementia research field and deliver on treatments and technologies for people affected by dementia. Prof Chandran was recently awarded £3.3M from the UK DRI-LifeArc partnership to support the development of combination therapy for motor neuron disease (MND).

NEURii will focus its initial efforts to develop data and digital solutions to complement approved treatment options for patients and solve issues related to the prediction, prevention, management, and treatment of dementia related disorders. Initial pilot projects, originating from UK academic centres, will combine diverse digital biomarkers acquired non-invasively in real world clinical and non-clinical settings (e.g. speech from conversation) with high-quality and abundant medical data accumulated in the UK.

Using tailored AI algorithms, NEURii aims to create innovative digital solutions for the detection, monitoring and treatment of people living with dementia in order to improve their lives as well as minimise the impact of the disease burden on their carers and families.

This cross-sector initiative is a major opportunity for the next phase of UK DRI; NEURii will provide human data at scale that will feed into both discovery and translational science to accelerate identification of predictive and disease monitoring tools. Academic Lead on the project and incoming UK DRI Director, Prof Siddharthan Chandran

The NEURii collaboration involves partners Eisai, Gates Ventures, Health Data Research UK (HDR UK), LifeArc and The University of Edinburgh, bringing together expertise in therapeutics, technology development and commercialisation, health data management and advanced analytics/data science to predict, protect and promote brain health.

To find out more about NEURii, please see the full press release.

Article published: 10 July 2023
Banner image: Shutterstock/Yurchanka_Siarhei

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