OVID Health: the UK has a genuinely rich dementia research ecosystem

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In a new blog post this week, Roudie Shafie, a partner at PR & Communications agency OVID Health, argues that while beating dementia is a “Herculean task”, the UK has all the necessary components in its research ecosystem to achieve real results.

OVID are experts on the UK’s dementia research policy landscape, having previously worked with the UK DRI (on our report, Race to Cures) and with ARUK on their call for a Dementia Medicines Taskforce. In her post, Shafie talks about what she hopes to see in the forthcoming (and now delayed) Life Sciences Vision roadmap, including a “clear regulatory pathway for new technologies in dementia and a programme of work to evolve […] health system infrastructure for potential new treatments”.

Importantly, Shafie argues that the UK’s dementia research ecosystem is already “genuinely rich”, and that building on what we have is the quickest way to accelerate translation. With the right level of support and funding for our research bodies, she says, we can achieve a step change.

Read the full blog post here.

Article published: 27 July 2022

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