UK DRI at the ARUK conference 2018

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As one of our founding funders, we were proud to feature at this year's annual conference from Alzheimer's Research UK (March 20-21, London). 

We greeted delegates at our exhibition stand, showcased a range of posters and ran a session with guest speakers from across all all UK DRI centres. Dr Adrian Ivinson, UK DRI COO, and our five world-leading Associate Directors spoke collectively to demonstrate the institute’s shared scientific mission. 

Following the announcement of the UK DRI funding to be increased by £40m from the government, Dr Ivinson updated the audience on the ambitious goals for recruitment - ultimately up to 700 researchers in the years to come - and expansion of the UCL hub to a new building dedicated to the UK DRI, which will open its doors in 2024. 

Dr Ivinson touched on ‘why the UK DRI came about’. He presented the audience with a compelling fact about the increase in dementia sufferers; “Dementia could be likely to rise to 130 million suffers in the next 40 years.” He explained that treatment and preventative methods are lacking and the UK DRI could have an impact on this story. The collective aims of the UK DRI are to combine how we can tackle a broad range of disorders, which all have a lot in common. 

The UK DRI’s presence at top conferences like this helps us to reach out and share our goals and recruitment opportunities with a promising and diverse group of scientists. 

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