UK DRI response to reports that £1.6bn of research funding has been returned to the Treasury

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On 21 February, the Campaign for Science and Engineering (CaSE) reported that £1.6bn of R&D funding, which had been ringfenced for Horizon Europe association or domestic alternatives, had been returned to the Treasury.

“The Government has committed to increasing investment in R&D and securing the UK’s place as a “Science Superpower”. It is critical that the overall investment in UK science is not reduced, but continues to rise, in line with commitments made in the Spending Review, to ensure we remain world leaders in science and R&D.

“As the UK’s leading biomedical research institute dedicated to neurodegenerative diseases, we are clear: full association to Horizon Europe remains the best option for UK science and our workforce. While the political impasse remains, the Government must continue to ringfence funds for association and urgently extend the Horizon Guarantee beyond 31 March, to give our scientists access to grants, international collaborators, and the confidence that their vital work will be supported.”

Article published: 22 February 2023
Banner image: Copyright UK DRI Ltd