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Bing Li

"With the backing of UK DRI and the Edmond J. Safra Foundation, my team and I look forward to making important advances in technologies that can support the early diagnosis and tracking of neurodegenerative diseases." Bing Li
UK DRI Emerging Leader

Dr Bing Li is an expert in biosensor technology for detection of neurodegenerative diseases. He obtained his PhD in Nanotechnology and Biosensing at the University of Plymouth in 2016 before joining Imperial College London as a Research Associate. Here, he worked on a range of projects from graphene-based molecular energy harvesting devices to wearable and implantable biosensors. In 2019, Dr Li started his own research group as an Edmond and Lily Safra Research Fellow within the UK DRI Care Research and Technology Centre, where he develops biosensing technology for the early detection of dementia. In 2021, he became a UK DRI Emerging Leader under the sponsorship of Group Leader Prof Paul Freemont.

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