Meet the team

Faisel Farooq

"I am excited by the prospect of being involved with a new and expanding collaborative venture of this nature. UK DRI can communicate and lead a bold direction that inspires results and ultimately serves to tackle such a devastating illness." Faisel Farooq
UK DRI Digital Transformation Manager

Roles & Responsibilities: Lead digital transformation within the institute, including provision and adoption of the cloud-based Research Collaboration Service platforms and corresponding managed service supplier management

Faisel joined the UK DRI as the Digital Transformation Manager in April 2020, following project management roles at City University of London, Amgen (Biotechnology) and UCL. He was responsible for delivering various projects, including live@UCL, which involved migrating all UCL’s staff and students distributed across numerous on-premises email/calendaring systems onto a single, university-wide Microsoft Office 365 Cloud solution.

Faisel holds a BSc in Computer Science with Science and Technology Policy. His interests include comedy, cookery, cycling and pub quizzing!