Meet the team

Molly Andrews

"I’m proud to work within an organisation at the forefront of dementia research, and it is a privilege to help spread the word about all the important research happening at the UK DRI." Molly Andrews
UK DRI Senior Communications and Media Officer

Roles & Responsibilities: Media relations, content creation, communication channels (website, portal, social media, newsletters)

Molly joined the UK DRI in March 2022, following two years working in the Media Relations team at The Institute of Cancer Research. In that role, she wrote news stories about complex scientific topics and secured quality media coverage to raise the profile of the Institute, as well as producing feature articles celebrating the culture of the organisation and collaborating with colleagues on successful social media campaigns.

Molly has a Master’s degree in Biomedical Sciences from the University of Southampton. As Senior Communications and Media Officer, Molly is the main point of contact for external media enquiries, and she also contributes to the content output of the communications team via the website and social media channels.

In her spare time, Molly enjoys long distance running, going to gigs, upcycling old furniture and making things out of macramé.

07857 628080