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Johanna Jackson

"My group takes a multi-‘omic and imaging approach to provide a mechanistic insight into the vulnerability of synaptic components in Alzheimer’s Disease. This enables us to identify and test molecular targets to achieve our vision of therapeutically targeting the synapse in AD." Johanna Jackson
UK DRI Emerging Leader

Dr Jo Jackson joins the UK DRI Emerging Leader programme sponsored by Prof Paul Matthews, Centre Director of the UK DRI at Imperial. She is an Advanced Research Fellow at Imperial College London. After her PhD at Imperial and post docs at Lund University and Imperial, Jo joined Eli Lilly where she became a team leader leading a research group studying the synapse changes in Alzheimer’s Disease (AD) and co-chaired their Neuroplasticity Drug Discovery platform. Since returning to Imperial she has led the £2million Multi-‘omics Atlas Project at the UK DRI Centre; an open resource dedicated to the comprehensive, multi-‘omic mapping of the cellular pathology of AD. Jo has extensive experience in studying synaptic integration in humans and in animal models of AD, axonal injury and epilepsy both in industry and academia. The Jackson lab aims to investigate vulnerable synaptic components to achieve her vision of therapeutically targeting the synapse in AD.

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Dr Jessica Griffiths (Postdoctoral Researcher)
Eléonore Schneegans (PhD Student)
Bshaier Allehyany (PhD Student)
Tatiana Georgiades (PhD Student)